TS360VVR 360º In Vehicle Witness Camera 

This is the latest 360º all round vision witness camera and DVR Recorder. 

Product Features

  • All New Parking Surveillance Mode:

- Programmable recording time-reduce vehicle battery exhausting. 

- Programmable fps - prolong recording time.

  • Mobile DVR with 4CH 360° camera; Leaving no blind spots of your surroundings.
  • H.264 Video compression technology with D1& CIF resolution.
  • Quick search on event records - Easy and reliable.
  • Time & date are included in every recording.
  • Auto recording after power on.
  • SDHC card storage - Resistant to shock and vibration.
  • Firmware updatable via USB.
  • Fully recording video, audio, G-sensor, and GPS inputs.

Technical Specification